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Module one ch1-ch4

 Chapter four

The work with the folded and cut shapes remind me of the deseigned templates for the hawaian quilt, which I made some years ago and the cut star shapes for the window in the time before christmas. Never the less I
forgot a lot and therefore I had to read in my quilt book to get the paper squares fold and cutt instructions.
I started with simple shapes using my painted newspaper and later on, after getting familiar with the technique I took black paper my painted papers and bought wrapping paper in my colour scheme..
I scanned the cut shapes and designed collages of several cut out layers. with paint shop pro and adobe photoshop. I am satisfied with this result. I am not content with the worksheets of the glued black shapes. I am not really a friend of works with paper and glue. My preferred tools are all kind of fabrics, yarns and dyes’ and my computer as my creative tool.
Die Arbeiten mit den gefalteten und geschnittenen Papierformen erinnern mich an die Templates, die ich einmal für einen Hawaianischen Quilt gearbeitet hatte und auch an die Scherenschnitte , die ich früher mit meinen Kindern in der Vorweihnachtszeit gebastelt hatte. Nichts desto trotz habe ich eine ganze Menge vergessen und mußte doch einiges Nachlesen.Ich begann zunächst mit ganz einfachen Formen, die ich aus Zeitungspapier ausschnitt, später benutzte ich meine bemalten Papiere und gekauftes Geschenkpapier.Ich scannte einige ausgeschnittenen Formen ein und verarbeitet diese mit Hilfe der Fotobearbeitungsprogramme zu Collagen. Abschließend muß ich feststellen, daß Papier nicht mein Medium ist. Ich arbeite lieber mit Textilien und Garnen oder meinem Computer als creatives Werkzeug

 three layered shapes

a selection of bonded fabrics with painted paper as background

The worksheet with the multi layered shapes

Chapter Three 

 Elements for Worksheet a 
 Chounterchange with negative and positiv shapes. The background is a painted paper from chapter 2
The stars: application  templates drawn with EQ6 . The parts of the stars were saved as a single piece and copied  by PSP9 on the painted background.

The star was drawn by EQ6 and saved as an image in PSP9.

III and IV Distortion and Symmetrie

repeat pattern
Worksheet a

 The Design sheet( DINA4) were designed with PSP9 using a scanned painted paper , the text tool and the scanned stars . The main part of the work was the drawings with EQ6. and I like to design with Photoshop and PSP9. The graphic tools of PSP were more useful for the construction and drawing of the shapes than Photoshop.But the filter tools of this program offers more ossibilities for the arrangement of the worksheet

Elements for Worksheet b

 Worksheet b

The elements for Design Sheet C
For the design sheet I scanned the cutted stars and cross of chapter two and selected elements with PSP9 and put them together for a new design. I realized that I could improve my view for negativ
and positve shapes by the construction of the new elements. For the design of the finished design I used Photoshop CS3 with the possibilitys of different filter tools


Creating the shapes for the three sheet get really pretty and i learned more and more about the possibilitys to design pattern by the use of my computer as a creativ tool. The costs was minimal and I couldn‘t estimate it, because I bought the colours and papers for the last chapter and at this time I worked a lot with my digitalcamera, scanner and pc

Chapter two

Making coloured papers
I have choosed for my colour scheme the complementary colours turquoise and
copper. This could be considered a complementary pair of colours between blue
and orange pair and green and red pair.
I worked with aquacryl, acryl colours and ink. The brightness and transparency
of the calligraphy ink are enthusiastic. But their employ are not very cost saving
My utilized acryl colours are good value and I used them for the larger painted
papers. But I feel the opacity as a disadvantage

Bemalte Papiere
Ich habe mich für Türkis und Kupfer als complementäres Farbschema entschieden. Ich arbeite mit Aquacryl, Acrylfarben und Kalligraphietinte. Die Leuchtkraft der Tinten begeistern mich. Allerdings sind sie verdammt teuer! Die verwendeten Acrylfarben sind einigermaßen preisgünstig und ich verwende sie für die größeren Papiere.

calligraphy ink dried under clingfilm on cartridge paper . I like the pattern,
which remind me on iceflowers .DINA3
Calliegraphietinte unter Frischhaltefolie getrocknet. Das Muster gefällt mir und erinnert mich an  Eisblumen 

Monotypie with the non mixed colour elements of acryl colours, selected with a
view finder(3,5”x5,5”) The streaks gives a good starter point for future
Eine Monotypie mit den unvermischten Farben aud der Maloberfläche. Die Motive habe ich mit einem Paßpartout ausgewählt. Die Linien könnten einen schönen Anhalt für ein Stickdesign ergeben.
It’s really much red….. But I like the shapes such as tulips in springtime
Es ist wirklich sehr viel rot, aber ich mag die Blütenform, die mich an Tulpen erinnern

A painted newspaper with rubber roller and acryl colour
Eine bemalte Zeitung . Die Acrylfarbe wurde  mit einer Gummirolle aufgetragen
The acryl colours have been mixed on the surface of the cartridge paper with a
sponge and dried under cling film. I like the kind of colour mixture and the lines
by the cling film( 13,5”x11,5”)
Die Acrylfarbe wurde auf der Oberfläche des Zeichenpapiers vermischt und dann unter Frischhaltefolie gtrocknet.. Die Farbigkeit dieses bemalten papiers gefällt mir besonders gut.
Painted with two sponge at the same time (11,5”x14,5”)
Mit 2 Schwämmen gleichzeitig bemaltes Packpapier

I over painted after drying with Lumiere halo It shows a wonderful shiny effect.
Zerknautschetes Packpapier  wurde mit acrylfarbe bemalt und nach dem Trocknen noch einmal mit Lumière halo bepinselt.

A collage of several pictures selection of a magazine in my colour scheme.Edit with photoshop
CS3. To my mind it looks very vintage Eine kollage mit der Auswhl mehrerer Bilder us verschiedenen Zeitschriften wurden mit Photoshop bearbeitet
My printed papers with linocut stencils
Mit Linoldruck bestempelte Papiere



I got a positive and negative shape of a bird
Hier bekam ich den positiven und negativen Druck eines Vogels

I edit this pattern with  photo shop the stencil printing of the star. I used
aquacryl This pattern is suitable for printing on fabric
Dieses Muster wurde mit Photoshop weiter bearbeitet. Ein Muster, das ich auch auf Stoff drucken könnte.
Rubbing of a linocut with oil sticks under painted paper. Not a convincing
Eine Frottage mit oil paintsticks auf bemaltem papier. Gefällt mir nicht so gut!
Star and cross shapes from coloured paper
Sterne und Kreuzformen aus bemalten Papier 

The background is a painted wallpaper
Der Hintergrund ist eine bemalte Strukturtapete


I used water down acryl medium and applied this on cartridge paper and lied the tissue paper in fold over it,
applied with medium once more and let it dry. Afterwards I painted the tissue paper with ink.
Ich bepinselte Zeichenpapier mit verdünntem Acrylmedium und legte Seidenpapier in Falten darüber, diese wurde nochmals mit dem Acrylmedium bestrichen und nach dem Trocknen mit Kalligraphytinte bemalt.

Chapter one

The first task was to collect motives of stars and crosses as rubbings, pictures from magazines, shapes, and patterns.I have to explain the difference between stars and cross in consideration of the following questions:

What are the basic differences between the two shapes?

The cross is composed of a vertical and horizontal line and is subdivided in four parts. The lines can form different angles. Most crosses are symmetrical and have a centre point.The geometry describes the star as equiangular and equilateral polygon. The lines of the stars intersect within the polygon.The star is also a religious symbol.

What is your definition of a star or a cross?
I connect with the star a celestial body and with a cross a religious symbol.

Does it have to be symmetrical, with right-angles?
It doesn’t always follow that the star or a cross have to be symmetrical.

Can you see star or cross shapes in unusual situations?
For instance in case of a broken window we often can see unsuitable shapes of stars. The frozen flowers on the window can also form wonderfully pretty stars in irregular forms.

Line drawings with stars and cross

a photocollage with stars and crosses from my picture stash :

The flower, copied and rotated with PaintShoppro

The cross of a little church in Iceland

a drawing selection of a tree using paint shop pro which was copied, mirrored and rotated
a drawed cross used as a brushtool

a star blanket which I made for a friend

Today I took a walk with my little dog Frida and found some irregular stars at my surrounding

My colourwheel painted with aquacryl colour

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