Thursday, 4 March 2010

Module one ch8

The assignment required to translate my paper designs into more complex textil combinations using bonding, machine stitching, hand stitching and padding. I took nearly the same patterns as
for the last chapter.Though I had scruple to cut the bonded fabrics, it mad me feel to destroy them, because I couldn’t imagine how the design would look once layered and cut. So I scanned my bonded fabrics in photoshop and mad selection of it and put the selection together forming several collages of different shapes. For the padded center I used some fluffs from my drier

At the first time I tried embroidery threads in the bobbin of my sewing
machine. The fabric of the background is dyied silk ; the star exists from a sandwich with bondet snippets on painted bondaweb and organza

Background: dyed cotton ; the second layer organza with machine stitching ; the third layer:the same bonded
sandwich as the block before Bobin and machine stitching

Needle felting with handstitching on dyed cotton I know that the colours don‘t really belong to my colour scheme, but I need to go off the point with some different colours….☺)

Background:with linocut stamps printed cotton, I still had a little bit of the spezial
sandwich for the star , the other shape was filled with fly

The cross exist from painted tissue paper bondet on white cotton, handstitching with running stitch and an indian embroidery motiv called chrysanthemen stitch

Background . Conventionel cotton; second layer organza treated with heat gun;: third layer:painted tissuepaper, 4. layer: silk; hand and machine stitched

The collage of all blocks for chapter 8 using the last one as background

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