Thursday, 4 March 2010

Module one ch5-ch6

 Chapter five

My collected fabrics
The most of the fabric were in my stash. There are hand dyed dupion silk and
cotton satin, kuninfelt, and organza.
For printing I used my linocut stamps and at the first time I tried screen
printing. This was a little bit problematic because of the correct amount of
colour. I have still to try a lot. A quilting shop made the screen after my black
and white copied drawing. For the screen printing I used Pebeo transfer colours
and for the other printings acryl colours and this worked very well and I am
content with the result.
The time for selecting the fabric and printing amounted to 2 hours and I didn’t
need anything to buy.
The collected fabrics in my colour scheme copper and turquoise

Fabric:12“x9“ polyesther satin callour: copper metallic acryll linocut stamps

Fabric : 11“x10“Painted cotton Colour: Jaquard Lumiere Halo with „moss rubber“ stamps

Fabric 9,5“x9,5“ Cotton Colour: acryl copper metallic

Fabric: 8“x 8“ Cotton  Colour: acryl copper

Fabric: 9“x 18“ Dyed cotton Linocut stamps Colour: lumiere halo

Fabric:18"x15“ Cotton with screen printing

The collage with my printed fabrics

Chapter six

It is again and again a great fun to play with several effect yarns, paillettes, fabric snippets and angelina to create new fabrics bonding the bits . I have a lot of it in my stash, because I took part on some ATC and AMC swaps with quilters all over the world. I also needed fabrics with different surfaces, beads and yarns for my crazy quilts, which I mad some years ago.


Bits bonded on dyed fabric and than covered with stitched organza which was
bonded with transfer adhesive

 Effectyarns bonded betwen a sandwhich of painted organza

With acryl colour painted organza, bonded on unpainted organza

Painted tissuepaper (8“x8“) bonded with organza

A sandwhich of bits layered on painted bondaweb and organza treated with a heat gun

The elements of the Worksheet for Chapter 6


a collage with shapes of bonded fabrics

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