Thursday, 4 March 2010

Module one ch7

The task for chapter 7 was using fabrics to represent the layers in the previous designs and to incorporate embroidery. The samples were assembled using the cut-work method, various embroidery
threads and a variety of stitch designs. I took my collected fabrics, and the cutting newspaper shapes of the passed chapters..
For my fabric preparation I utilized the cutting newspaper shapes as a template traced them on the back of an embroidery fleece and transfered the outlines with basting stitch to the background of the
collected fabrics.

Three layers of cotton , hand stitched with backstitch. The embroidery
thread is hand dyed in colour gradations orange-read- copper

Lace, painted with acryl colour+angelina fused with bondaweb,Background: hand dyed dupion silk.Embroidery thread: hand dyed silk colour gradiation turqoise-blue-read-copper

Background : conventionell cotton, first layer: hand dyed silk; second layer:
brocat, machine stitched

 All three layers are dyed cotton, hand stitched with running and backstitch,winding stitch and french knots

First layer : with procion MX dyed cotton; second layer: conventionell cotton;
third layer: organza; machine stitched

First layer: Kuninfelt, second layer: organza painted with acry colour,
third layer: printed polyesther satin ; machine stitched

A little bit playing with photoshop and the blocks

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