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Module one ch 11

Chapter 11
The theme of this chapter is growth and disintegration. This included all the preliminary
work for the resolve sample and itself.
First thoughts about the treatment of paper to show several methods of disintegration

                               (picture 1)

Second thoughts about manipulated paper shapes in order of
desintegration and growth I drew this shape for an exercise in chapter two and show in four steps several stage of desintegration by using my coloured paper
(Picture 2)   
On the left part the star shapes are arranged in a vertical line in order of desintegration and on the right hand
the arrangement repeated in the reverse order to show growth

                                    Picture 3   

The same arrangement as above with the cutted pieces of the paper square

                                 Picture 4 

Third Thoughts
Different ways of desintegrating fabrics. I used some of my printed fabrics shown in ch 5

                             Picture 5      

 the fabric square of dyed silk had been snipped and then the cut edges frayed. This piece and the other samples are appliquéd on conventional cotton. Later on I shall use them all for a fabric book

                        Picture 6

Two frayed rectangular fabric shapes placed diagonally across each other

                     Picture 7

The cotton pieces frayed, placed on diagonal. Four small frayed triangles placed in angle.Its were stitched on the background

                    Picture 8

My first frayed piece. By this I learned, that is impossible to fray the
fabric diagonally….. ☺
                Picture 9  

Fabric square snipped and frayed. Four small triangles added ad the corner 

                               Picture 10  

Nine small fabric squares frayed to form a cross shape. They were stitched on the background    

Fabric snipped as diagramm and then cut edges frayed The shape had been machine quilted on the background
           Picture 12

               Fabric square cut and all negative shapes used.

                         picture 13

Threads and tiny fabric scraps bonded between two layers of transfer adhesive.A star shape was formed and the space between the outlines were stitched
                              Picture 14

                                                  All together

                                              Picture 15

                               Picture 16

To make a shape become less solid by using lines of machine stitchery from the outside edge to the inside

                              Picture 17
Two layers of water soluble vlies with snippets of fabrics and yarns beween and trellis were sewed with the machine
                                   Picture 18

and then stars were cutted the vlies was rinsed and the dried stars were machine allpiqué. The wholes becomes bigger and….
                                picture 19

                                  Picture 20

                                   Picture 21

The shapes becomes more and more less solid  All the star shapes were sewn on a quilted background

                                 Picture 22

Builded pattern of my with linocut stencil printed fabrics. I used painsticks to emphasize the grid of the pattern

                                  Picture 23

                                 Picture 24

                                  Picture 25

                                  Picture 26

                      It‘s nearly a quilt layout…. Very japanese
                                   Picture 27

      Different ways of composing the desinteggrating shapes. I used my tired star shapes and some tools of    paintshop to build the patterns
                                   Picture 28
The left side shows the shapes more and more disintegrating on the right hand the
composing is coincidental
                                    Picture 29

Making the shapes become thinner and thinner and  creating a new shape
with layered shapes one over another

                                        Picture 30
                                              Picture 31

                                                Picture 32


With the help of photoshop using a scan of my crumpled and painted brown paper the selection
and some filter tools, and several layer effects of photoshop




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