Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Module two ch 5

Chapter five
The tasks in this chapter include the make of patterned papers by translating the animal specimen into abstract designs. Four techniques were used including marks with acryl colour, pattern with a bleach pen, monoprinting on plastic sheets with acryl colour, some prints with a linocut stamp and rubbing. Some of these patterns were shown in the last module . Therefore I shall concentrate my remarks on the technique. Marks with watering down acryl colour Black acryl colour was used to create the black marks on white paper . I painted white paper with black acryl colour as background for the white colours.
My used tools:
my indexfinger
the back of my finger
The edge of a creditcard
a cork of a wine bottle
                                                                         picture 1
   This collage inter alia shows pattern designed with Photoshop with some of my drawings as starting point, a monoprint with a linocut stamp pressing the back of the painted plastic sheet and a stencelling.For that I layed a tired paper shape over my drawing paper and applied oil paint stick at its tired edge and dragging the colour with a tooth brush into the drawing paper

     Bleach marks
I got a bleach pen from a friend, which she had brought from the United
States. Something like that are not to buy in Germany and the bleach, which I
had bought didn‘t work at all and I became sick by the strong smell of chlorine
even though I had worked outdoors.
The bleach pen leaving only a pattern on black construction paper . Acrylic
paints didn‘t had been bleached . The EMO textile colour could be
bleached well.

                                                                   picture 2 and 3

                                                                            picture 4

In this collage I show my monoprints with white acrylic paint on black colored paper. I used to model also frayed a bank card, a sponge as a stamp and my fingers for the

costs: minimal the same as the last chapter
Working time: about 18 hours

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