Saturday, 8 May 2010

module two ch2

Chapter two
The purpose of this chapter, includes the shades of embroidery using white
and black embroidery thread. For my excamples I used  the fabric named Aida. I started with white
embroidery thread and embroidered cross-stitch over four holes in a staggered rhythm. This emerged a beautifully structured picture on the surface But I did the mistake to embroider the area in horizontal rows, and this also remains very close, so I could not receive a smooth transition with the shading of black embroidery thread. It looked like fly droppings. I started all over again, but this time with vertical rows.At the beginning of shading, I used the black embroidery thread in the bottom layer and overstitched with white thread

                                                       Picture 1 My Failed cross stitch
 Picture 2 the tonal cross stitched column with black and white pearl yarn stitched on Aida

The next task involved the study of Blackwork technology. I had never worked in this technique and ordered me the book: The beginners guide to Blackwork by Lesley Wilkin and then started after reading the book to
create my first pattern. .
I used Aida as background for my stitchery.

                                                  picture 3 the sketch for the develloped pattern

                                                     picture 4 and the stitched pattern

                          picture 5 The second assignement was to vary the space between stitches

                                         picture 6 The last one was a variation of the thread thicknes

                                                    picture 7 all together
 I learned  the technique Blackwork as a very relaxing form of embroidery. In spite of these very old embroidery technique they can act in dependence of the pattern very contemporary and modern.The material of this works for chapter 2 :The book: 16 €50cm Aida: 5 €3floss black pearl cotton: 9 €Working hours: reading, drawing and embroidery 30 hours

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