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Module two ch4

Chapter four
Drawing patterns from animal markings
The focus of this chapter was to identify patterns in animal markings and created linear sketches to use as a starting point for patterns creations using paper and fabric. For this I selected several pictures of animals and copied them in black and white to focus on the pattern. In addition to the developed patterns I
listed words with the descriptions of the animals behaviour and movements. For the overlay display I posted the animal pictures, some of my sketches, the patterned papers and fabrics created in chapter 5 and chapter6 to show the development of the design from the picture and the words.The suggestions way of working on using animal markings to translate design:
-study the animal in large format
-scan the picture into the computer and enlarge so that you only view a
section abstractly
-Use graphic filter to look at the photo in black and white pencil, look at the
“edges” only
-Sketch or trace exactly or look at the overall pattern to develop a stylized version I tried this both using freehand and tracing on the computer
- View the picture in “negative” to help see the impact of the white pattern
- Grey tones can be represented in your sketches by using pen and ink to vary tone Good pens make a difference in sketching.
I used a pencil, chalc-pastel pencils in different grey tones and a felt pen. Some patterns I developed
with the graphic program PSP9. By that I achieved results that I would like to implement once in blackwork embroidery technique.

                                                                  picture 1
Chameleon – changing ( , they adapt by changing their colour appearanceto their surroundings) , climbing,.
The collage shows shibori dying, drawing with a chalk-pencil, monoprinting on paper and fabric
and machine sewings

                                                                  picture 2
Gecko a lizard like reptil, a very goog climber, he even manages to run along walls I created the collage with shibori technique, a drawing with felt-tip pen, monoprinting on fabric, and paper printing. I also used the imprint of my bent finger for the pattern

                                                                    picture 3
Peacock: proud, magnificent, impressive, swaggering gait.For the collage, I used a Shiboriprint, a drawing with the drawing tools of Photoshop CS3 and a cable stitch with my sewing machine

                                                              picture 4
Butterfly: Fluttering light, colorful, vulnerable The collage again contains a shiboridruck, two drawings in pencil and chalk, a pattern developed with Photoshop, utility stitches with my sewing machine and a paper
for the printing, I used the corner of my check card as a drawing tool

                                                            picture 5
Tiger:sneak, jump far silently,, strips The images show a drawing with chalk pencils, a Schiboriprint, utility stitches with my sewing machine, and a color print of my index finger.

                                                                     picture 6
Zebra: fast, striped,herd animal The background of the collage is a pattern that I developed with Photoshop from a selection of the rear part of a Zebra. The collage also shows another monoprint on fabric, a paper printing and a drawing with a felt pen

                                                                       picture 7  

Goose :cumbersome,waddle, fairy tale character,they remain a life-long faithful to their partners
for the collage, I used monoprint on fabric, printed paper with acrylic paint, stencelling with oillsticks on
paper, and a drawing with a chalk-pencil

                                                                            picture 8
   Giraffe, fast, very long, herd animals, The background of the collage is a patterned fabric, painted with a
bleach pencil, the images show a paper printed with a linocut, and a monoprint on fabric   
costs for this chapter are minimal.I had the most of the material in my stuff.
Working time ca 20 hours                                       

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