Monday, 21 June 2010

Module two ch 10

Chapter 10
This chapter uses a designing method similar to Seminole piecing to create patterns similar to animal markings. The design should have a reference to animal patterns and include the seams with as a design element. In my work samples I used the face forword seams very subtle.i like this  more as the seams convolut, which you see  in the working sample for the task of "challenge".

                                                                      picture 1

                                                                picture 2
Many , many seams faced forword

                                                                         picture 3

                                                        Trials with black and white papers

                                                                      picture 4
The first collage of my seam work. I used my monoprinted fabrics. The cuts run horizontaly and diagonally
here with little triangles in the seam.

                                                                       picture 5
Here you can find diagonally cuts, the parts were frotated and then sewn together to a strip.

                                                                       picture 6
These parts were cut twice vertically and then transferred to each other and sewn together.

the costs for this chapter:
Fabrics. ca 10 Euro
acrlyl colour: 7 Euro
fabric dyes: 10 Euro

Working time: ca 24 hours

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Ela Kreativ said...

Dein 2. Bild ist von der grafischen Wirkung her sensationell. Einrahmen! Gruß Renate