Monday, 21 June 2010

Module two ch 11

 Chapter 11
Work on this chapter were sometimes very complex and make preparations for the first assessment. We have to design a series of different patterned paper stripes and have to observe how the different arrangement change the
overall impression. The sample shows strong and bold patterns, group dark tones and light tones together,small stripes of medium tones and a crazy block with different grey tones.

                                                                             picture 1

                                                                 picture 2
                                                  Variations with patterned papers

                                                                          picture 3
….and with fabrics. I used some of my monoprints. The upper left block is stitch with a cord foot with pearl yarn

                                                                       picture 4
A sampler of paper piecing using the methode stack and whack. It means cutting a series of differently  patterned squares into the same shape.

                                                                      picture 5
Lines of machine stitching on monoprinted amd dyed fabrics.The blocks in the second row and the left in 3.
are used with embroidery yarn in the bobbin.

                                                                     picture 6  
  This is a collage of cutted, seamed, cut and reseamed stitched fabrics samples out of my stash of monoprinted fabrics which was stitched before the cutting and seaming stage. The seamed of the block below left were further embellished with little triangles

                                                                            picture 7
    4 blocks of my stitched samples were piled up and cutted four times.The pieces of every stack were swapped and sewn together in the manner of Stack`n Slash. Every block has 4 different pieces.                                                 

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