Monday, 21 June 2010

Module two ch 12

Chapter 12

For the first assessment we are required to devellope a functionel, three demensionel embroidered item. After some trials and thoughts about the kind of my assessment…..

                                                                             picture 1
…… I dicided sewing a bag. Iam a pocket freek and have sewn several bags and pockets the last years and I give them all away; as the last bags to my sister and my daughter. My nearly every evening doing( accept I work for the course which was the main job the last two weeks:-)) ) is knitting socks for my family or friends. This is a really relax job. And I don‘t have a special basket or bag for my unfinished socks and the used wool. Well, the item become my wool basket. The starting point of my design is the shape of the cartwheel of
a peacock

                                                                   picture 2
The two parts of the bad exist from segments, whichform a half circle. The front and the back are a quilt sandwich. I shall take thermolan as batting. That is strong enough, that the bag can stand by itself. First I tried to part the bag in segments corresponding to the fibonacci series, But I don‘t like this devision.  I would like to dress each segment in a different way, with machine embroidery, piecing like crazy and seminole and Log Cabin. For the middle part I shall use a solid fabric piece of my dyed or monoprinted fabrics. This part
would be only machine quilted.The seams of every section I will embellished with a black paspel.

                                                                         picture 3
The ready embellished front and back will be take together with a fabric stripe with a length corresponding to
the circumference of the bag. The width of the pieced semicircle will be put in in two folds at both ends. These will be fixed with a bias binding. The handle could be weaved fabric stripes. They were take together and are weaved with each other and were fixed with buttons at the upper edge of the bag. I will take light wool felt in white colour for the lining.

                                                                        picture 4

The alternative pocket is not so complex as the others. It exists of four rectangle quilt sandwiches. Every
rectangle would be worked corresponding to the techniques of the chapters of this module. The seams
between every part could be embellishe with trimed toggles and little triangles. I would like to work the
Log Cabin with forward facing seams. Honestly I would prefer the other bag.

no costs for this chapter
Working Time: 12 hours

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Julia said...

Maren, slow down! I cant keep up with you! This hand stitched blackwork is taking me forever! Your work is just beautiful though. Keep up the good work. Julia x