Friday, 18 June 2010

Module two ch7

Chapter seven

The work for this chapter include traditional techniques such as log cabin and seminole with both paper and sewn with fabric.As book reference I used :
Seminole Patchwork by Cheryl Greider Bradkin

                                                                           Picture 1
I drewn this Log Cabin block with Corel Draw I am just learning the use of this graphic programm and I am often desperate about the necessity „learning by doing“

                                                                       Picture 2
This is my first collage of the log cabins. Some are sewn and some glued with patterned paper. I worked
among other things, variations Chevron Log Cabin and courthouse LC.

                                                                        picture 3
Another variations of log Cabin with patterned papers

                                                                            picture 4

The lower sampler are a traditionel seminol work with baught black and white patterned fabric and my own
monoprints. The top piece shows a transfer adhesive version .
I think the most attractive fabric combination for seminole work are the mix of small patterned and a one
color fabric.

                                                                 picture 5

Also a kind of seminole work

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