Friday, 18 June 2010

Module two ch8

chapter eight
The works for this chapter was a fun gimmick with fabric manipulation for emphasizing seams.

                                                                          picture 1

This object of manipulated fabric consists of eight consecutive sewn triangles. For this I used some of my monoprints fabric. The triangles were sewn together at the base and then wrapped each with a toothpick and
hand stitches together.The visible seams I frayed as best I could managed .I think the object is original and it might me backed with velcro as a top of a bag.The comment by my husband: "It looks like an accident
with your sewing machine…"

                                                                           picture 2

his part I've worked with a ruffler. I bought this just recently, when I saw the demonstration with this foot. Here I remembered a skirt I sewed at the age of twelve under the guidance of my mother. It was a super full skirt. My mother had no desire to gather this width by hand and bought a ruffler for her sewing machine At those days it was already so fun for me to sew ruches. As I said when I saw this show, I had to have this part!.

                                                                                picture 3

Actually this ruch should make puffs. But the edge at the upper end of the fabric strip was not wide enough sewn. The width of the fabric was not enough. I therefore formed arches of the ruchs and fixed at regular intervals with french knots on the seam

                                                                         picture 4
All my seams together

                                                                            picture 5

Next, we should work ribbons, cords and tuggle from strips of fabric. This in view of the first assessment to consume some of these pieces with it. Actually I'm not a big fan of cords and tassels. Without this course task I would not have made this work. The piece in the middle was worked with water soluble vlies

                                                                    picture 6

My toggles exist of felted stripes fused with organza painted with transfer dyed. My mixed black coloured changed by the heat and became purple. It does‘nt matter. It is a nice change after always black and white and grey.

 picture 7

Dupion silk stripes with machine embroidery

Costs of material:
Fabric ca 5 Euro
Solvy  10 Euro
Working time: about 10 hours

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