Thursday, 8 July 2010

book cover

one week creative holidays have been sufficient to finish my book cover mad by embroidered oil finished paper.The  production of the paper: handmade paper or drawing paper, wrapping paper get a layer of oil paint sticks then ironed under  baking paper. This is done best in the open air. It stinks and the vapors may cause mucous membrane irritation. After ironing, you painted the surface with aquarell color or diluted water  brusho. These two processes is repeated 3-4x and who likes draw simple ornamental pattern. Vlieseline G710 has been ironed on the back of the paper and now the paper is crumpled  until it is soft and almost feels like fabric. I have covered the crumpled surface with acryl wax. So it is most easier to stitch.

                                                                           picture 1
the front of the bookcover with a dorset button

                                                                 picture 2
the inside with fabric lining

                                                                           picture 3
the back of the book cover

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Catherine said...

Your bookcover is absolutely beautiful. I am looking forward to trying out some of the techniques you mention. I hope my results will be as nice as yours.