Sunday, 4 July 2010

Module two ch 12

Chapter 12
Further designs on the suggestions of Sîan Martin

The suggestions make me think about form variations of the bag. I changed it from a circle to a elipse and devide it in different sized segments.
                                                                               picture 1

I used this form as a pattern for a model of non-woven material., I formed from the 2d shape a three-dimensional bag by a fold at the left and right edges of the shape

                                                                              picture 2

                                                                           picture 3
That‘s the shape of a bag quarter, which I used for the design variation with photoshop

                                                                        picture 4
After some trials with graphice patterns,a found out, that they didn‘t fit to the shape of the bag segments specially logcabin and seminole. I don‘t like the result. And so I decided to cut the segments out of my patterned fabrics sew them together and make a sandwich with thermolan.  I will embellish this with embroidery stiches of the sewing machine.I will take into account the advices of Sîan, to over-lap the
embroidery stitches to create a rhythmical pattern like the characteristic of animal patterns

                                                                            picture 5
This is a collage with PSP9 by using pictures of my stitched and monoprinted fabrics

                                                                           picture 6
That‘s a collage only from my shibori fabrics. That‘s look quite well. I could work the seams faced up and let
they become frayed. But I will make the last decision during sewing the bag.

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