Saturday, 23 October 2010

Module three ch 1o

Chapter 10 Design An Accessory
I know that the treatment of the design with an accessory at this time after I only finished the first five chapters is an anticipation. I told Sîan about my idea to work a muff as an accessory and she asked me to upploaded a first drawing of my imagined muff.
                                                                 picture 1
the design with coloured paper of chapter 2 is my starting point for the desing of a muff. it would be nearly round . the vertical diameter will be 26cm and the horizontal diameter will be about 30cm. I shall sew the part with in German Walkloden in English perhaps washed wool and the embellished part will be appliquéed hand dyed fabrics. The straps will be felted cords.

                                                                 picure 2

                                                                   picture 3
I coloured the scanned drawing with photoshop

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