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module three ch 11

Composite Sheet with Completed Accessory
As you can see in chapter 10 I planned a muff as my third dimensional accessory. My imagine was a modern part with beads, bobbin and hand embroidery and a structrured background of walk wool by machine quilting
At the beginning I looked for my staff of fabrics, cords and buttons which I could choose for my accessory

                                                                         picture 1

                                                                      picture 2

my composite sheet with the design development, the patterns for the body muff and the appliqué pieces, with the used yarns, buttons and fabrics .

                                                                                      picture 3

                                     The shapes for the embroidery parts, which I cut from dyed cotton and silk

 First I cut the front and back for the muff . The outside parts from the wool and the middle parts from silk and sewed the parts for the front and back. Afterwords I quilted the outside wool sections and the marked piece in the middle for the quiltlines. I appliquéd the dyed fabric pieces with buttonhole stiches and emphasized the edges of the middle part with cords. After quilting the middle piece I mad bobin embroidered spirales and heringbone lines before beginning the beadwork.

                                                                             picture 4

                                                                           picture 5


                                                                             picture 6
                                        The upper part with bead work and the bobbin embroidery

                                                                              picture 7
   The underneath beadwork with bobbin embroidery and hand stitching beside

                                                                              picture 8
                                                               Overlayered diamond stitches

                                                                        picture 9 
                                                          One line with dorset buttons

                                                                    picture 10
                                         tyvek buttons on embroidered background 

                                                                                   picture 11
                                                          The dorset button with french knots

                                                                          picture 12
                                                            The finished forground piece

                                                                          picture 13
                                                                   …. and the back part

                                                                      picture 14
                        All had been done also with a little pocket for my purse or my handy

                                                                      picture 15
A look inside with a view on my lining . It's a conventionell cotton fabric with a paisley pattern …also spirales

                                                                       picture 16
The other side with the in sewed cord for the pocket. The lining was very fiddling and I did it by hand sewing

                                                                  picture 17
Me with my muff and my hand find enough space inside
After finishing the design work I got a very clear imagine about my acessory. And so I didn‘t got really problems with sewing and stitching exept the lining because I did the mistake first to cut out pieces and then to embroider. Natural the parts became smaller by quilting and the already cutted lining became to
big and I got problems with taking it in.
My finished work is just I imagine it and I am very happy about the conclusion. It looks very special and modern . It is good to wear as a accessory to protect my hands against the cold of winter and I love it as a very nice ornamental jewellery. If I would make this accessory again, I would cut the shapes for quilting and
embroidery bigger as the designed one , so I would have the possibility for corrections.
 It is my goal to get involved in a design process more playful and first of all don’t take account the thoughts about  the technical implementation
I have noticed that I'm early developing concrete ideas about   my work and there for I tie  myself very early. Then I am  no longer open to variations that might arise from trying

Date when the design work was started: 20.10.2010 completed: 25.10.2010
Date when embroidered item started: 26.10.2010 completed: 28.10.2010
Total numbers of hours spent working on the design work: 10 hours
the embroidery work: 38 hours
Costing fabrics :ca 20 euro
Batting : 8 euro
Embrodery yarns . 20 Euro
Procion MX: 10Euro

Storage of Work, Materials, Tools and Equipment
The design work in process: Ikea storage boxes labeled by their contents The completed design work: The same boxes also labeled by their contents The colored papers are in a ring binder and all papers are scanned
Inks, paints, glues and brushes are stored in several chests of drawers Embroidery yarn are sorted by colors in plastic boxes also the beads and the material for embellishments like tyvek and silk roads The fabrics are sorted by color in my cupboard in my studio The sewing machine is in my studio on the sewing table The electrical equipment like iron and iron table are stored in my shelving system.
Health and Safety Rules Observed
Use care when cutting with a utility knife – use a cutting board to ensure your work does not slip Use the heat gun and paints only with opened window Take a rest after several hours of stitching or sewing. No pins in the mouth Do not rub your eyes with paint on your hands

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