Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Module Three ch9

Chapter 9 A resolve sample
The starting point for the creativ exspression was first to design lines for machine stitching . I used some dryed twigs on crumpled paper , took a photo from this and edit it with photoshop and selected my lines for stitching.Then I made a sandwich from two layers of different coloured kuninfelt , snippets and organza. I fasted a paper with the the drawn lines for stitching to the background of the beneath kuninfelt and stitched by machine with a multicoloured yarn in the bobbin.After that I filled some parts with granitstitch . I got more texture by treating the kuninfelt parts and organza with a heat gun.By this the sample became yery stiff so I could assemble it with a light panel on the background . If I would put it in a object frame it would look like floating.
I like the texture of the surface. But I didn‘t thought that it became so stiff because I really would like to emphasize the spirales in the bottom with hand stitching. But this was impossible. I broke some needles with several attemps. I know for the next time to stitch first before the treatment with the heat gun.

                                                                 picture 1
   1: the twigs, 2:edit picture,3: the sandwhich of kuninfelt, snippets and organza,4:the stitching lines, 5:the front 6: the back, 7: detail with granit stitch, 8:the finished stitching, 9.-10. the mounted piece, 11: the finished surface

                                                             The finished piece                                                       

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