Sunday, 7 November 2010

Module three chapter 6-8

Chapter 6 Tassels made by Machine and Hand
Tassels made by hand are my favorite. But quite frankly I am not really a friend of tassels. All together on my black pinboard they look quite nicely and I am happy that this work is done.

                                                                       picture 1
The second and third tassel on the right hand are partly machine made. I made the beads with Fimo for the embellishments of the tassels. The material of the second tassl are remnants stripes of a silkquilt, which I
worked on with my embellisher to get long stripes, than they were plaited 
The little tassels are torned stripes of dyed gauze. The others are a mix of metallic embroidery threads, cotton and silk yarns

Chapter seven simple buttons making
This chapter is an exploration of simple buttons which can be made from three dimensional cores . These constructions will also help to suggest ways in which I can construct shapes for the following exercises. The core for my example are cut from a cardboard and than wrapped with my dyed fabrics and the two reads
piece are covered with a crazy patched piece by the paper piecing methode. I embellished my button core shapes with beads.

                                                                        picture 2

  The framework for  the dorson buttons is a curtain ring first covered with blanket stitchs and next wrapped spokesmostly sixwraps.There are several waving patterns like crosswheel , which I prefer. I also made dorset basket ( the below button) The blue one is a singleton button.whis a fabric covered dorset button.

                                                                     picture 4
  The basic of these buttons are a ball of wool which was stitched with embroidery  yarns

                                                                      picture 5
These toggled buttons are rolled fabric shapes bonded with angelina

These toggled buttons are rolled coloured tyvek, wrapped with metallic threads and then zapped with a hot gun

Chapter 8 Beadswork

                                                           picture 7 

The background of my beadwork is black cotton with fused golden foil, partly extensively stitched with
rocaille beads and sequins in combination with sisha embroidery and free stitching with needlepoint . The space was machine quilted and the lines were emphasized with oil paint sticks.
I shall use this as the middlepoint of a bookcover

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