Monday, 12 April 2010

Module two ch1

Chapter one
In this chapter I had to employ myself with tonal columns trying out different medias. I painted with acryl colour, aquacryl and ink and their watering down. After some unsuccessful attempts with too low differences with the colour values, I only get the idea to paint the darkest part in the end, by more frequently painting with different grey tones. The colour applied with sponge and squeezing out aquacrylcolour also still gave watered down a nicely patterned surface. The work with the ink mad a mess. I had everywhere ink signs, at my fingers, the clothes and on the working surface. If I had wiped off a spot and had laid the cloth from the hands, I had produced immediately the next one. The cleaning had lasted longer than the times for painting the tonal column

   The column ispainted with the edge of a ec-card and the right one with a brush using acryl colour

                             Aquacryl applied with a sponge

                               Black neocolorI overpainted with black ink

                         Left: black ink applied with crumpled paper, right: oil paint sticks

Left: neocolorI over corrugated cardboard, middle: edding Right: neocolor I mixed with white

                                               picture 6
Linocut stamp printed with acryl colour . The pattern is an inspiration by zebra crossings

                                                          picture 7
Rubbing with oil paint sticks(above) and graphite pencil over the linocut stamp

 picture 8
Different coloured greys by complementary coloured and white Left: red and green Right: purple and yellow
                                                               picture 9
                                   Drips of a candle on coloured grey paper

                                                     picture 10
The drawing paper layed on the floor and I painted with a pencil, which was extended by one meter. It was really a crazy and funny thing. Follow the small points which originated by the touch-down of the extended pencil on the drawing paper.

                                                          picture 11
                            Wholes from blackpaper applied on white paper and vice versa

                                                              picture 12
             A funny play with PSP9 and the text tool