Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Module Three ch1 and ch 2

Chapter 1

The first task had been to gather pictures of natural and man made spirals. The main theme of module 3 will be the activity and work about spirals in a choosed colour scheme.
Resources of the pictures:
My own pictures, Intro.html
Copies of my book collection: Fantasy worlds edited by Angelika Taschen
Maximilian Bruggmann: Die Pueblos

                                                          picture 1

                                             picture 2
Resources of these pictures:
Copies of my book: Karl Blossfeld:Urformen der Kunst-Wundergarten der Natur

                                                               picture 3
Drawing from my pictures and from the book: the Grammar of Ornaments by Owen Jones

chapter 2

First I had to choose a colour scheme to work with throughout this module. The starting point for my colour scheme was the aspect of a mixture of strawberries and blueberries in yellow salad bowl. I decided that this will become my colour scheme

                                                               picture 1

I had to work with coloured paper shapes to create severals spirals Cutted paper shapes forming a spirale on a circle background


                                                                   picture 3
Tissue paper painted with brusho colours twisted around thin flower wire then pleated to form chain links. The picture left is edited with PSP9

                                                                           picture 4
With oil pastels coloured tissue paper,pleated to form a spiral star

                                                                          picture 5
Edited with distorting tools by photoshop CS3

                                                                    picture 6
Another trial with coloured paper shapes

                                                             picture 7              
                                                  My attemp with corel draw

                                                                      picture 8

My three dimensionals shapes with corrugated cards

                                                                     picture 9
 I found the instruction to pleat this 3 dimensional shapes here: Tomoko Fuse's Espiral(Spiral)
I worked it with coloured tissue paper.For me it tooka lot of time to understand the manner of pleating. But it
was worth the effort.
                                                                      picture 10
Several monoprints and drawings with dripping colour tubes

My game with the computer paint programme

                                                                         picture 12
 This could be a starting point for a piece of jewellery.
The warm up exercises offer a lot of material for the resolve sample and an accessory, which should be something useful and embellish for me.