Saturday, 23 October 2010

Module three ch 1o

Chapter 10 Design An Accessory
I know that the treatment of the design with an accessory at this time after I only finished the first five chapters is an anticipation. I told Sîan about my idea to work a muff as an accessory and she asked me to upploaded a first drawing of my imagined muff.
                                                                 picture 1
the design with coloured paper of chapter 2 is my starting point for the desing of a muff. it would be nearly round . the vertical diameter will be 26cm and the horizontal diameter will be about 30cm. I shall sew the part with in German Walkloden in English perhaps washed wool and the embellished part will be appliquéed hand dyed fabrics. The straps will be felted cords.

                                                                 picure 2

                                                                   picture 3
I coloured the scanned drawing with photoshop

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Module Three ch 3-5

Chapter three
fabrics and threads
In this module, I have to gather fabrics, threads and beads in my choised colour scheme which I had used in the past .Afterwords I should decide what else I will need to purchase or to dye. Fabrics and yarns which are not in my color scheme could be selected for over dyeing. Dyeing using Porcion MX was done in dark blue, red and yellow using cotton fabrics and linen,. Most of the fabric was white, however several
other fabrics were over dyed and showed a good result. Both solid color dyeing and random dyeing with the three colors were used on the fabric. Alltogeher the dyeing did well.

                                                  picture 1 I had these dyed fabrics in my stash

                                                                        picture 2
Dip dying. The fabric was folded several times until it was a little parcel. Each corner was dipped in a different colour for some seconds. Finally it was sealed in a polythene bag over night

                                                                  picture 3
The left was painted with a sponge, the others was random dyed

                                                                     picture 4Random dying with linen and cotton

                                                                         picture 5
Pictures taken during the dying work in my laundry from top to down The mixed colours The dying place
Threads and fabrics are draped in the bucket, a sight that takes some time to get used….
All buckets together

                                                                            picture 6
This fabrics was dyed together with cotton threads

My dyed threads stored on the fabric

                                                                       picture 8
Monoprinting on fabric
The fabrics were first dyed with Procion MX and than decorated with spiralling pattern used acryl
paint with textil medium.

                                                                        picture 9
printing with a linocut stamp using acryl paint and rubbing over the linocut stamp with oil paint sticks

Chapter 4
Decorate with stitchery
In this chapter, I have to decorate my colored fabrics with spirals in stitchery using either hand or machine stitchery. All used fabrics are cotton with kuninfelt as batting.

                                                                       picture 10
1.Row left: machine quilting with hand stitching in the right part. On the middle piece I used the machine quilted spirales as guideline for my hand stitchery. 
The right piece is machine quilted with a multi coloured thread.
2.row: It‘s nearly impossible to stitch in the whipstitch manor with my computer sewing machine .The two pieces are my attemp at doing whipstitch
3.row: left and midle: spirales with free motion zick-zack stichery. The right piece shows spirales with cable stitches. The upper piece is hand stitched with a attemp to stitch an indian spirale

picture 11

This piece is only machine stitched . The blue embroidery threads are couched with free motion stitchery. The light blue part shows granite stitch; on the left you can see cable stitch with embroidery yarn in the bobbin

Chapter five 
Cord making
  This chapter is about using yarns, fabric, thread and other materials like paper or stripes of plastic bags to create interesting cords

.                                                                              picture 12
Cords worked with my embellisher

                                                                    picture 13
Machine Stitched Cords
Cords were stitched with a cording foot to help guide fabric or threads. The threads or torned fabric stripes was twisted during the stitching to make them tighter. I varied the stitch distance to allow more or less of the core material to show through. I also used my embellisher to work cords from a mix of fabric stripes and effect knitting yarns.

                                                                  picture 14
Knotted cords „Weber“knot as spirale and as a flat knotted cord. For these I used the embellished cords.In the middle: a simple knotted cord of a mix of plastic stripes and knitting wool.

                                                                               picture 15
I took fabric stripes,  effect knitting yarns, thick and thin wool to make twisted cords

                                                                         picture 16
here you can see twisted newspaper stripes, plasic bag stripes twisted with wool and fabric stripe with thin yarn twisted

                                                            picture 17
Crazy twisted to form loops and spirales

                                                                       picture 18
plaited and wrapped cords made of pearl necklace, fabric stripes and thin embroidery yarns


Stuttgart 21

I just had to express my feelings and thoughts about the riots in Stuttgart because of the planned central station project" Stuttgart 21". I feel anger and sadness if nature should be destroyed for implementing a building project.There it concerns primarily trees, some of which are older than a human life. It will remain only piece of woods and  the memory of the old trees  will  fade

 This digital computer work is my the first one since I visited the summer school of the Computer Textile Design Group in Chester .The piece of wood is my embroidery work with different yarn and threads using the couching methode. The trees grows behind my cottage .