Friday, 14 January 2011

Module four ch4

Module 4 chapter four
For this chapter I had to occupy with a series of hand made papers. I took for the paper pulp egg packaging in different colours.

                                                                     picture 1
                                                            The ripped egg cartons
                                                                Selected different colour
                                                             The crushed pulp
                                                           The first papers still wet
                                                   from a pulp with mix of all colours

I added contrasting bits of different effect yarns by putting them into the pulp when it is freshly made using the papermaking mesh to press these down into the freshly made paper.

                                                                                 picture 2
Machinestiched pattern on water soluble fabrics and then layed these into the pulp
Different coloured pulp with bits off coloured mull and threads
The same as before

                                                                        picture 3
I added these embossed star after painting with oil paint sticks to a fresh made paper and added
another coloured pulp

                                                                     picture 4
  Negative and positive paper. I cut a shape from a plastic piece and use this to dip into the pulp to make a sheet of paper. For the negative shape I cut a stencil from a sheet of plastic as a shaped deckle and hold it in place with a little pin and made a paper and than removed it and got the „F“ hole

                                                                          picture 5
                      The pictures shows the process of laminating and couching the threads with pulp
                                                                          picture 6  
                   Laminated new fabric from different threads stitched on water soluble fabrics


                                                                         picture 7

               Two different coloured pulp was laminated and I embossed  a relief of a stamp 

                                                                     picture 8
                                           Three examples of embossed  papers with linocut stamps

                                                                        picture 9

                                                                        picture 10
                   picture 9 and ten shows the fringing with a effect yarn between two layers of pulp

                                                                          picture 11                              in the last example I let parts of the ffect yarn couched by the pulp

                                                                       picture 12
          Layers of colours from several papers of a DINA5 mesh to get a larger handmade paper

                                                                      picture 13
                           Papers by fringing, laminating and several layers of colours
That‘s are all my papers. I used a metal grid to make the papers from the pulp.. I found it difficult getting the right consistency of pulp by using egg carton.The management with coloured tissue paper was less problematic , which I used together with carton. And if I repeat this I will blend it more to make a thinner pulp and thinner paper. The experiments with adding different scraps and threads to the paper once made
were a lot of fun . Alltogether it was a very messy experience but I am still pleased with the result.

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Ela Kreativ said...

Die Blätter sind sehr gelungen! Da hat sich die Matscherei mit der Pulpe richtig gelohnt.Ich finde es erstaunlich, was du alles mir den Blättern angestellt hast. Die eingelegten Fäden sind auch toll.
Viele liebe Grüße Renate