Sunday, 30 January 2011

a new textile picture

A new textile picture
After I saw in some of the blogs of my Distant Stitch fellows that they represent coursework and other textile projects, I've decided to do this also now. Inspired by a workshop with Shelagh Folgate I created this textile image It is called: "The reconciliation with my ghosts. " The starting point was a watercolor of me. I painted it after several nights of nightmares, to drive the tormented ghosts out of my mind, . The background of the picture is polycotton coloured with transfer paints and stamped with fabric colours.. 3 figures are felted and  embroidered the others are printed on tissue paper . I have scanned , my watercolor painting, selected the trees and 2 figures with Photoshop, printed on tissue paper and bonded it to the background. I used for the completion free machine quilting and hand embroidery. After finished I found out that the ghosts looks really pretty and so I called the picture: “The reconciliation with my ghosts”


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Blue bird said...

Hello Germany! Greetings from America! Love your blog.I follow you and if you like my blog, please do the same.
Mit viele herzliche Grusse: Julia/Blue Bird :)