Thursday, 10 March 2011

Module 4 chapter 5

Chapter 5 
Drawn thread work

This is my photo of dyed cloth for drawn thread work. My colour scheme for this Module is yellow /orange and turquoise/blue. The linen was originally white The withdrawn of the threads from the tightly woven Ikealeinen developed like a Sisyphuswork.For the next exercises I'll take good countable fabric. I dyed the linen with Procion MX

                                                                            picture 1
Exercise 1
I had to form patterns by withdrawing threads in different quantities

                                                               picture 2

Exercise 2

                                                                      picture 3

Here I pulled weave threads inwards from different areas creating loops and fixed them with cast on stitch and french knots The exercise below shows partially withdrawn several neighbouring weave threads in
groups. Then I thread these as one wick onto a tapestry needle and darned into the weave with a difference! The threads are anchored with a twisted knot. On the left side I fixed parts of the withdrawn threads with weaved stitches The fabric undulate a little bit because the weave threads have been pulled and the knot has made them shorter.

                                                                        picture 4

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