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Module four ch 8 and 9

Module four Chapter 8
Applay paper pulp to a woven fabric
For the pulp I used white tissue paper which I dyed one part with tea and and others
with procionMX

                                                                              picture 1
For this example I I placed my grid of linen scrims with withdrawn threads on a kitchen towl and pressed the the frame with the pulp over it. As the next step I formed a frame from pulp around the fabric

                                                                    picture 2
I tried to make a grid which has been created by laying loose threads in a grid formation onto a kitchen cloth. A freshly made sheet of paper was then laid on top. But the blue threads was to thick for embeding into the pulp. The next step, I tried to fix the thicker threads with a thin pulp layer. The flood of water from the cup makes the thread grid swim and destroyed the grid pattern.

                                                                  picture 3
this is the result of the 2nd experiment. I had colored the pulp a little and used the withdrawn threads for the grid pattern. The blue threads need to fix a 2nd thin pulp layer at the edge. Otherwise, I prefer the grid. I like the effect as the grid slowly developed out of the pulp from the edge and was seen in the center clearly.

                                                                     picture 4
  I wrapped the frame of the screen with wool and then scooped the paper

picture 5

                                                                      picture 6
For this experiment, I wrapped yarn  around a wooden frame, which I scooped in yellow pulp.The
pulp remains at the fringes of the thin yarn. The grid structure can only be guessed . After pressing the
grid stand out more clearly, but there are no perforations.

                                                                       picture 7
The next attempt I made the grid with the yarn and added machine embroidery. That worked fine now. I
like the irregular and involuntary resulting holes. It was a very fragile interesting object.

                                                                             picture 8
The bands of linen scrim’ and threads were pressed into a freshly made layer of paper and then secured with some additional layers of yellow and turquoise pulp laid across the bands. In this part, I have pressed the two layers. I think the result is not satisfactory. The object is too flat and I missed the structure. At the 2nd operation I will have to dry the area with the grid pattern without squeezing.

                                                                              picture 9
…. and that‘s is the result

                                                                          picture 10
                        I staples an nylon net orange bag to a wooden frame and used it as a squeeze

                                                                      picture 11
                                                            The same with a citrone net

                                                                                  picture 12
Weave threads from linen scrim have been withdrawn in both directions and a embroidery yarns has
been stitched in diagonal lines across the withdrawn area embedded between two layers of pulp

                                                                        picture 13
Also winding wire can be embedded in paper pulp. I am amazed at how beautiful the materials paper and
fabric can be combined and I love the opportunities to embed a variety of materials into pulp

Module four chapter 9
Stitchery into paper
The stitchery should echo some feature in my research theme of lettering and media patterns.

                                                                             picture 14
                                                                     the develloped pattern.....

                                                                       picture 15
  the paper with embedded torn fabrics.....

                                                                         picture 16

                                      .........and the stitchery

                                                                                 picture 17
The pattern, the paper with effect yarn.and the stitching with hand and machine

                                                                      picture 18
The pattern, the paper with wool yarns and frayed threads and bobbin stitching

                                                                     picture 19
The pattern the paper with grids of wool yarns and the paper painted with procionMX and oil paint sticks embroidered with bobbin stitching

machine stitching with embroidery threads in the bobbin

                                                                        picture 20
                                    a combination of machine and hand stitching

                                                                      picture 21
                                                                    Stitched edges

                                                                         picture 22
                                                           edged with a piped effectyarn

                                                                      picture 23
Handstitching with hand dyed cotton yarn and frayed fabric stripes



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