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Module four chapter 10

Chapter 10 book type structure to find out
the exercises for these chapter are to make several ‘mock-ups’ of structural forms to find out how they are constructed and to see how the embroidery techniques could be incorporated with in them. At least one surface has to have a major emphasis on embroidery as this Module deals with the embroidered panel Constructing books is a totally foreign profession to me . And so the tasks for the chapter have piled up as a mountain in front of me. For the beginning, I once again needed a kick up the backside of my girl friend. The result at least was the
simple book in one afternoon.
For the folding and stitching experiments, I limited myself to white copy paper as a material, which I painted with crayons and diluted Prociom MX. I used paper 80 for the text and for the book cover paper 160 The necessary accurate work to form a pretty text part , is not so much my thing . The small books show a more organic look. This also fits better to the irregular edges of the self-made paper. Of the folded parts I like the origami book with the pockets best. So I can incorporate my dipped and embroidered papers removable with the design of my book.

                                                                                picture 1
                                                                       The simple book

                                                                         picture 2

                                           Pages with different length hold together with pamphlet stitch 
                                                                     picture 3

An accordian as gusset with several signatures in the valley fold
                                                                     picture 4
  A concertia book with two inserted signatures

                                                                               picture 5

                                                              A triangle leporello 
                                                                       picture 6  

                       An another possibility holding pages together
                                                                          picture 7

Several signature stitched together with pamphlet stitch  embellished with silk threads 
                                                                        picture 8

Several pages with inserted sticks which are hold together with embrodery yarns
                                                             picture 9

Folding and cutting a large piece of paper . The result is to get several pages
                                                                  picture 10

                                                         Folded and cut 
                                                                        picture 11  
                                                      Folded and cut 
                                                                         picture 12

                                           Hold together with a whip stitch
                                                                            picture 13

                                                                          Tortoiseshell stitch 
                                                                   picture 14
                                                                    hem stitch

                                                               picture 15

The first attemp with the origami fold. This is double sided with 4 pockets. I want to use fabric paper and this kind of folding will become to thick. Therefor I shall devided it in half. 
                                                                  picture 16
                                                                       picture 17
the first page( back and front side) for my embroidered book . The theme: Module 4

By the work of this chapter  I see the the necessary of doing a mock up. And by the several experiments I had some understanding for constructing books

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