Friday, 29 July 2011


After I had finished module IV, I found out  the new Project of Siân Martin . I also belong to the people who think of themselves, does'nt able to draw and  wouldn't learn it any longer. That was already rubbed my nose since my school days . Perhaps after a certain time the participation in  the daily drawing lesson will  teach me something different 
As I have problems with  spatial perception, I have used  a trick when drawing . I  took a photo of  the object which I have been drawing in my sketchbook with the help of a grid. The three-dimensional object lying on the table became two-dimensionally by the photo.

                                                                         picture 1
                                                        an orange drawn with a soft pencil 

                                                                      picture 2
                                      a banana skin ,drawn also with a soft pencil

I painted the background with to much colour pigments of brusho. It became to dark . The subject was a faded rose out of my garden

                                                                        picture 4
the same subject, drawn with brown felt pen on a background of very watering down brusho. I made the shadow with water soluble wax crayon. Ilike this little painting

                                                                       picture 5
                                            the shell of my eaten breakfast egg drewn with a lead pencil


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Catherine said...

Maren, your drawings are beautiful. I don't know why you think you can't draw. Your drawings have a lovely softness about them which suits your subject matter. I love how you have coloured your pages too.