Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 5-8

I know that I am behind  with my drawing tasjks.. I had used a bookbinding course in Hamburg and a museum visit in Neumünster (European Art Quilt VI) for short vacation of  nearly a week. Everything was well worth it and I've learned a lot.

                                                                        day 5
 the torned stripes of the fruit bag look like a foregroung. But they form the background for the drawing of the peach  and two mirabelles. I used a soft pencil (Nr.9) The sun didn't shine therefor I used my lamp to get shadow.

                                                                day 6                                    
                                            the same motiv without the stripes in the background

                                      drawing with a roller ball and a light wash with brusho

                                                                                   day 7                                                                              getting bigger

                                                                                      day 8
a frayed and exhausted piece of wood the background of the left part is a glued piece of newspaper, painted with gesso and afterwords sanding some parts.

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Catherine said...

Lovely drawings Maren. I'm behind too, but have copied, pasted and saved all the days' instructions, so I can work away at my own pace. I've printed out the instructions as I find that easier to work with.