Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Module five chapter five

Chapter five Quilting, Padding and Stuffing 

Wadded Quilting
                                                                           picture1I used for the pieces left dupion silk and right habotai. The batting is a thicker polyesther vlies.

                                                                             picture 2
Experimental Variations with unusual padding like wood shaving from the wood turner studio of my husband and frayed threads remained of ch four.the top layers are net . The backing of all pieces are calico.One example had been stitched by machine and the other by hand

Shaped Quilting

                                                                           picture 3

From left to right. 1.row: corded wool under dupion silk with back stitch , curtain rings with dupion silk, backstitch and needle waving inside the rings , bubble wrap under polyesther organza machine quilted
2. row: wool felt under habotai with heavy machine quilted, styropor balls under habotai with back stitch

Padded quilting

                                                                        picture 4
Left: wool felt padding under habotai, right :cotton wool under calico

                                                                     picture 5
The starting point for further work samples is the image above.

                                                                           picture 6
For the wadding material, I used thorned pieces of corrugated cardboard. The background is stabilized cotton and the top layer is gauze. Thus the structure of corrugated cardboard is still visible.

                                                                          picture 7
To emphasize the relief of cardboard I applied acrylic paint with a rubber roller. Unfortunately, I have applied the color too thick in some places. That looks very smeared to me . The next time I will attempt to make sure the rubber roller to move very lightly only against the direction of the relief.

                                                                       picture 8
The same startingpoint as before. I used for the top layer calico and than as wadding material also corrugated
cardboard. The wadded scraps were painted by rubbing with wax crayon. I mounted the pieces with my embellisher on painted calico and than I all machine stitched

                                                                         picture 9
At least I wanted to know how the sample would look like a picture with a passe-partout . I made a design with photoshop.

 Corded quilting

                                                                        picture 10
Linen with machinen stitched corded embroidery yarn, linen with wool effectyarn machinen stitched wizh floaters,corded wools under polyesther chiffon, corded cotton yarn with calico, corded embroidery yarn under linen scrim


Catherine said...

You have achieved so many interesting textures with the different kinds of quilting.

tania puell said...

hallo maren!
ich bin begeistert von deiner kunst!
besonders die quilt experimente mit unüblichen materialien und die papierarbeiten haben es mir angetan. schön daß du das machst! ich hoffe es geht euch allen gut!
alles liebe, tania