Tuesday, 30 August 2011

sketchbook day 12-16

 day 13
the following day I tried several colours in combination to build layers

                                                                 Picture 1
                                             Watercolour and water soluble wax crayon

                                                                        picture 2
                                                   wax crayon and water soluble pencils

                                                                       picture 3
                                                             a pear with a infestation

                                                                         picture 4
here I used my new pencils Graphitint. There are water soluble tinted graphite.I like the muted colours

                                                                        picture 5
                                                      I nearly used all kind of colours

                                                                            picture 6
the background coloured with brusho had been treated with bleach, because the read background was to dark.

day 16 ripping and sticking

                                                                       picture 7

                                                                           picture 8

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Catherine said...

What beautiful drawings Maren! I really like them.