Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mdule five chapter 6

Chapter 6
After wonderful holiday weeks in Denmark and in the foothills of the Alps I had some problems to occupy myself with the course work.Chapter 6 takes a lot of work samples to determine the different techniques of fabric manipulation. Everything under the motto: Tucks, Pleats and Gathers. For some examples, I tried the structures of the bog, as I had photographed them to implement textile
                                                                      picture 1
                several darts were sewn in an organza scrap and applied to painted canvas

                                                                           picture 2
The upper picture shows a mountain of many dried turf. For the textile implementation I used teddy fabric which I laid in pleats of different directions to each other.

                                                                         picture 3

                                                                        picture 4
 By this textile image I assimilate the impressions on an autumn walk through a bog nature reserve.I didn't make a mock up I just started with stitching.I colored linen and used paper balls for filling the contours in the foreground  and polyesther batting. The other parts of the “landscape” were gathered by the technique of direct smoking
                                                                        picture 5
         The fabric of the pictures 3-5 shows my choosed colour scheme for the resolved sample                                                                   
                                                                      picture 6                                                            
                                                                         picture 7
                                                                        picture 8

                                                                            picture 9

                                                                       picture 10
Polycotton and polyesther chiffon machine gathered,also with a ruffler. In an attempt to gather the fabric with
an elastic thread in the bobbin , my sewing machine went on strike. She does not like the rubber cord. So I
had to give up the smocking by machine. In my first attempts to try the smocking as decorative embroidery techniques, the book of "The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolf was a great help.


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Catherine said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your holidays Maren. What a lot of lovely work you have done since you got back! I love the way you manage to get inspiration from what you see around you.