Sunday, 30 October 2011

Module five Chapter 7

Chapter seven
The next step is to create a sampler with fabric pieces, which are folded or gathered differently , so that I obtain a surface with tactile contrast.

                                                                             picture 1
                                              From left to right:
                                             furrowed(cotton teddy)
                                            angular(cotton tucked with twin needle)
                                            firm( rolled linen)
                                            padded and smooth(silk)
                                            stiff(tucks filled with pipe cleaner)
                                            wooly)(corded effect yarn)
                                           coarse( folded fusible batting)
                                           firm(tightly winded flax)
                                        Yielding(with cottonwool padded organza)
                                                    precise relief(direct smoking of cotton satin)
                                            Padded and rough( padded calico with polyesther batting and tightly quilted)
                                             Scratchy( padding of wood wool)
                                             Net like( twin needle stitching parcel string)
                                               Fuzzy( folded and snipped tucks of linen)
                                        Floppy and angular(cotton folded by darts in different direction)
I hosted a game with the children (eight and ten years old) of my neighbor. Their eyes were linked, they should feel and choose blindfolded the place for every part ; from soft to coarse, smooth to scratchy, etc. We had a fun and entertaining afternoon with some heated discussion to determine the surface properties and design of the contrast

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Catherine said...

What a wonderful idea to involve the children!