Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Module 4 chapter 7

Chapter 7
Wrapped frames to make grids
For the exercises of these chapter I had to develope homemade grids. I used a cardboard and wooden
embroidery frame and for the fun of making grids a little loom for children
Picture 1

Picture 2
picture 3

My ideas are always develloping when working with the pieces.In the beginning I started to connect the silk and woolen threads with buttonhole Between the following rows I stitched a grid between the buttonhole stitches.I like the transparent continuity so I retained this pattern .

picture 4

picture 5

picture 6
Here I used woolen, effect yarns. For the very see-through effect I connected several yarns with machine
stitching and worked these like a chain without cutting the sewing yarn. So the grid seemed very  spontaneously and irregular

picture 7
Hand and machine stitching. I wanted to achieve a irregulare closely woven effect by hand stitching with the same hand dyed thread

picture 8
                                          ….and that‘s the finished result and I like it

picture 9            

picture 10

picture 9: the starting point of the piece with fryed fabric stripes and silk yarn
And picture 10 the the final result

picture 11
picture 12
The picture11 is the inspiration for the little piece. It‘s needle lace over warp of metal yarns

picture 13
A woven piece . That‘s a combination of waving with a little child loom and needlewaving(the yellow parts)

picture 14
I wanted to create a with very closed and see-through parts. At the botton and top I twisted and retwisted the warp to get a loose grid . The most part is needle waving

picture 15
Honestly –this little piece get to many threads. They was wrapped with a cardboard frame and than tightly machine stiched