Sunday, 5 February 2012

module five chapter 9

Chapter nine
Threads and Stitchery
picture 1

These are the yarns that I bought for the embroidery work of this chapter The effect yarn I will use for couching.
For actual stitchery I will go back to my stock of cotton silk and wool yarns.

picture 2
                         Couched hand twisted effect yarn by cross stitches with bourette silk threads

picture 3
                                                  Arrowhead stitch in formal stitching rythm

picture 4
                     Chevron and half chevron stitch in combination star and knotted stitch

picture 5
                                  Darning stitch one with twisted effect yarn and the other with wool yarn

picture 6
                                                   Flat stitches with different thick wool yarn

picture 7
                                Regular and irregular heringbone stitch with some variation

picture 8
                                                        Variations of cross stitches

picture 9
                      Open sqare stitch with wool yarn one belong to the structured wool yarns

picture 9
                                                            Sheaf stich with different threads

picture 10
                                             Straight and algerian stitches and  needle wave

picture 11
                  The sampler with the majority of the flat stitches most in formal stitching rythm

picture 12
                                   Buttonhole, closed buttonhole and buttonhole double chain stitch

picture 13
                 Buttonhole-and loop stitch, feather stitch-and maidenhair ,cretan- and cable chain stitch

picture 14
Chain stitch, braidstitch, open chain stitch, zigzag chain, chain detached twisted,wheat ear stitch,rosette chainstitch

picture 15
                               Sorbello knot,french knot with needle waved twisted silk yarn,basque knot stitch

picture 16
        Spiked knotted cable stitch, coral stitch, diamond stitch, french knot, pistil stitch, boullion rose

picture 17
                                   Knotted buttonhole stitch with beads and boullion stitches

picture 18
                                                      Diamond stitches in informell stitching rythm
picture 19
                  Composite stitches with laced herringbone,crown - and head of bull stitch, chain stitch spiny

picture 20
                                         The sampler with knotted, chain, loop and composite stitches

Rubbings taking from paper relief surfaces.
Because I don’t have flimsy black paper for the rubbing, I dyed a silk paper with black ink. I got the best results with chalk, pastels and oil paint sticks. The last named, however, must be applied with little pressure, otherwise there are no lines but smear. I used natural colored tissue paper for the black pencils .I like the results on the light background better. There are more recognizable details that I can use for embroidery.

picture 21
                                                         Rubbing with Neocolor wax crayons

picture 22
                                                                     Chalk and pastels

picture 23
                                                          Oil paint sticks and pastel pencils

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