Thursday, 19 July 2012

Module VI Chapter 3

Finally, after many hours working with paper and crayons for the first two chapters of this module, I now can enjoy working with my sewing machine and paint patterns with yarn: whip stitch, cable stitch, straight stitch and zigzag. The photos of water and sky marks served as a source of inspiration for design.The left part shows zick zack cable stitch and for the right part I used a spezial foot ,in which I could thread a additional wool yarn

picture 1

picture 2

                                      Straight whip stitch partially with thin rayon machine stitch yarn

picture 3

Straight cable stitch. My sewing machine is a very sensible lady and she doesn‘t like to thick yarn in the bobbin as you can see it on the right part of the second row

picture 4
                                                Zick zack stitch with gradient cotton yarn

picture 5
                                                                          Straight stitch

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Catherine said...

What beautiful colours and textures you have achieved with your machine stitching!