Friday, 20 July 2012

Module VI Chapter four

 Fabrics and threads-colouring and bonding
These are my yarns, cotton, wool, silk. The cotton yarn I dyed with Procion MX even the silk and woollen yarns are also hand dyed and I have bought them from Anne Lange.

picture 1

picture 2

                        these are my procion dyed fabrics: cotton satin,cotton damask,and muslin

picture 3

I could only paint the fusible web with oil paint sticks,if I heated them over the iron and the wax paper, otherwise the sticky surface of fusible web tore . That was a disgusting greasy matter

picture 5

 My coloured vliesofix.I made the marks with oil paint sticks. Some were painted ,some were a frottage over linocut stamps. The painted transfer adhesive was bonded on dyed fabric. This picture looks so pure and clean, almost sterile, quite in contrast to my with paint and wax spattered workplace and my green and blue dyed fingers

                                        Cotton gauze with Procion MX and silk paints painted

picture 6
Poly cotton undercoated with transfer paint. Then I put the baking paper with the oil paint stick on it and thought an onion network can use as a resist. But this is melted by the heat of the iron along with the wax colour and has been together with the polycotton firmly soldered. I think the effect is quite funny

                         With procion dyed nonwoven nappy above the dyed cotton satin

                           Threads bonded with dyed adhesive between bourette silk and polyesther

Several layers of dyed silk chiffon bonded on dyed very thin pongé silk. The layers were treated with coarse salt . I am amazed at the results and find it a shame that the piece is not long enough for a scarf


Kentish Maid said...

Just lovely - especially the last piece! Certainly would make a lovely scarf!

Catherine said...

Beautiful colours Maren. I love how you have been so experimental.

Stineke said...