Saturday, 14 July 2012

Module VI chapter two

Chapter two
Designing with shapes and Layers
My task in this chapter is to select simple shapes in my photographs from  sky and sea and to cut the shapes from my painted papers and to create different layout with them.

1.Several layers of acryl colours and crayons above 2. A little colour in acrylic monoprint technique then a frottage over linocut stamp with wax pencils and for termination a wash with diluted procionMX 3: the same technique as before but with different colours 4:a combination of several layers of crayon and diluted brusho and the last layer is a frottage over a rubbing plate5:Marks with oil paint sticks,sprayed acryl ink in several layers,6: melted plastic foil so that it became a relief and then coloured with wax pencils and ink. 7: marks with oil paint sticks and above a wash with diluted brusho when dry then iron under parchment paper. This process I repeated several times.8: sprayed ink, 9: water colour to imitate clouds.10: water colours; that are the colours of a “sunrise morning” on Iceland in summer

picture 1


My selected pictures from Iceland, the shapes and the layouts

picture 3

                                                           Another combinations

picture 5

The kids of our neighbour helped me to cut the shape combinations in stripes, glued them on a background. We had much fun during this rainy afternoon
picture 6

                             Some results with two different shapes and their combinations

picture 7

picture 8

                                                        These combinations look like bars

picture 9

picture 10

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Catherine said...

These are lovely Maren! You have achieved some beautiful effects. I don't know how you manage to do so much work. Are your days longer than mine, or maybe I'm just lazy!