Saturday, 14 July 2012

Module VI chapter one

Chapter one
On the following pages you can see some of my water and sky photos for the mark making exercises. I think I choose the theme „Iceland“for this module. I am fascinated about the geology of this island and, after several visits and walks there I was able to watch the negative impact of climate change with the increasing warming of the sea on the population of Iceland's national bird - the Puffin


picture 3

picture 4

picture 6
 picture 7

1: several layers of waxcrayons;2.pastellcrayon3:brush marks with procion MX 4:brusho + pastell crayons;5:color pencils 6: marks with neocolorI and thick pastell crayons; 8:pastell crayons+pencil; 10: fountain pen+wax crayons and brusho wash;11: fountain pen12: felt pen+wax crayons


picture 8

1.row: Neocolor II on top and Neocolor I on botton 2.row: reverse as above both work well 3.row: graphitint on to top Oil crayon on botton - a bad result 4.row: neocolor I on top, neocolorI on botton -a very good result 5.row: chalc pastell on top, neocolorI on botton – no satisfied result

picture 9

Frottage with different marks over a lino cut stamp made with neocolorI and pencils

picture 10

Rubbings over string shapes and linocut stamps , sometimes moving the reliefs under the paper

image 11

Plain wax candle and Neocolor I at the botton and a wash from brusho. In my opinion Brusho was too much concentrated, and therefore has glossed over the traces of wax.
image 12
The result with aquarel color is much better
image 13
Oil paint sticks and then diluted brusho
image 14
Marks with a wax candle and a wash of aquarell color
image 15+16

the smell of chlorine bleach makes me very sick. So I used, a 1% potassium permanganate solution, and lemon juice for the discharge technique


Transparent surfaces
From left to right: 1.Coloured with spatula and acryl colour 2. the same as before but on a sandwich of two heated foil 3. Cellophan wrapped around a rubber stamp made ​​of linoleum, and heated and then painted the still warm film with oil paint stick and at least with watercolour.4.Crumpled and lightly heated plastic foil sponged with brusho and then rubbed with a silver oil paint stick.5. Heavy acryl medium smoothed over a slippery transparent surface and finally coloured with NeocolorI. 6. Heavy acryl medium dragged with a credit card over a ready bought stencil. Monoprint with bubble wrap

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Catherine said...

Lovely photos Maren. I can see why you find Iceland an inspiring place. Your mark making interprets them very well. Are you feeling excited to be on the last Module?