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Module six Chapter eight

Chapter eight

The tasks of this chapter have been the hardest for me. I'm  slinking not just for days but over a few weeks like a cat around the bush. I have had  no plan as I have to implement words that describe my  feeling in connection with my theme in an abstract form   . Finally a visit with my girlfriend and her expert advice helped me get started. She had studied art and textile design, and told me that their high school graduates who chose art as a performance specialist, had to bother with similar tasks The pitiable student!
But first, the slightly lighter requirements:
Mind Mapping for my topic, search images, drawings, and then ....
Words and paper forms!
In addition to the completion of the work samples, I deal frequently with my final asessment, in my thoughts, with drawings, designs on the PC, work samples on cloth and paper. My topic will be: The crumbling of livelihood. This in consequence of global warming by rising CO2 emissions as a result of the sell of natural resources for economic reasons .I want to fix my fears and anxieties on the example Iceland: The crumbling rocks, heat pipes, and pressure gauge pointer in the danger zone as a symbol of impending collapse of livelihoods, the puffins, I want to represent of becoming as a paler dream, because its existence is threatened

picture 1

This is a copy of a page from my Scetchbook. The page I created so right on a gut without thinking much. I thought about my impressions of the disillusionment that attacked me at our second hike Iceland. I had the impression that Iceland should be sold to the tourists. At the Blue Lagoon found coach buses no place with the many day visitors from the giant passenger ships. At the two checkout were formed huge queues. The water of the Blue Lagoon was not blue but green. And then on one of our domestic routes was followed by disillusionment that with the plans of aluminum melting has been made seriously
picture 2
 This is my mind mapping something more factual and unemotional
picture 3
   My Drawings:
from top to bottom and from left to right : Flying puffin with fish in beak
Turbines of a power plant The shapes of a puffin The same but as rubbing over washing tape
Shapes for paper piecing technique 
picture 4
Instead of drawing I tried several print techniques with different marks and shapes.
A rubbing over  a stamp whose lines are meant to imitate the waves of the water surface
picture 5
a screen print with torn strips of paper as a resist. I like these shapes and the colors. However, they are random products. I just spread the thickened Procion residue on the screen.
picture 6
I used a paper stencil as a resist for this screen printingThis screen offers some opportunities for further design with, for example, machine embroidery, also regardless of my current project. The same goes for the previous picture
picture 7
Soy wax resist under painting with thickened procion dye
picture 8
This Mail Merge was created by deconstructed screen printing. The left image is the preprint. With the screen and thickened Procion dye was squeegeed over a template made ​​of acetate on the fabric. The color had to dry completely on the back of the screen. The template was then removed and during the following printing the color  was little by little dissolved by  the printing paste
I can certainly use this effect for my assessment
picture 9
In this picture I show the very important elements for my topic : the puffin, a detail of the Icelandic map, the Lándnáma book , the sign which belongs to the helm of Agir, the image of a power plant ,the mountain woman ,a known symbol of the Icelandic poetry.
picture 10
                                           I love to make collages with Photoshop  
still    silent
rau     rough
mysteriös     mysterious
einsam     solitude
schwach     weak
hungrig     hungey
wütend      angry
ängstlich    anxious
traurig       sad
verzweifelt    desperate
gedankenlos      thoughtlessly
verantwortungslos     irresponsible
gierig     greedy
picture 11  

picture 12

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Wow! I can see why you found it hard going Maren. What a difficult task. However, I think you have responded to it brilliantly. I love your work.