Saturday, 10 November 2012

Module VI chapter 6

Chapter six
 For the cutwork samples I had to machine stitch areas of several  fabric layers. Patches of fabrics will be cut back and or melted back to reveal the surface below. Some developed designs in chapter 2 are considered as starting point for the exercises in this chapter

picture 1
Left you can see the starting point  for the cutwork. The lowest layer is dyed linen embroidered with granitestitch in the shapes. Next came a layer of embroidered organza. Here, I saved the area  in the shapes of the first layer. I carefully melted the organza with a heat gun.

picture 2

The lowest layer is a machine embroidered work sample from the previous chapter. This I covered with dyed cotton and cut shapes into and burned the edges partially. Then I sewed a painted plastic sheet on top in which I also melted holes. The work sample looks very special and the final result wasn’t predictable ... A surprise result. However, for a background it seemed me too uneasy.
picture 3
1.Layer dyed cheesecloth; 2. dyedand stitched silk;3. scrapsof a orange net melted on polycotton; 4. stitched and dyed silk
picture 4
1.Dyed linen 2. monoprinted cotton,both machine stitched with multicolored quiltyarn 
picture 5
I am proud of the outcome of this study sample. I like how the wavy marks continue in the forms of embroidered silk

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