Saturday, 10 November 2012

Module VI chapter five

 I had to look at my drawings to translate them into free machine stitchery.

picture 2
  I used thermolan vlies underneath the silk, to get a more padded surface

picture 3

  For the next example I used a very stretchy jersey fabric. Actually, I wanted to sew once a T-shirt with it..... However, the pattern matched very well with the circles in the water that you get when you throw a stone into it. For the example above I have not stretched the fabric during embroidery. The other piece of fabric I had very high tension in the hoop

picture 4

The material of the next work sample is Polyestherchiffon. I had the transparent material colored a little. I used acrylic paint for the monoprint,. I took the discrete pattern as a guide for machine embroidery

picture 5

In this study sample is suspected no background fabric for machine embroidery. But in fact, I embroidered on organza with the multicoloured yarn  in the bobbin and a matching colored cotton thread as upper thread
picture 6
                                 Stitching on very thin cheesecloth with and without tension threads

                                                                           I like both

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