Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Continued Chapter 11

Since my last post in early May, and my return from my 10 day vacation I worked under high pressure to complete any outstanding work for the Certificat to 24 May

picture 1

  The used yarns for the stitching with hands and machine also the dyed cheesecloth

picture 2
                                                            My designboard

picture 3

                                               And I've done!!
My finished assessment .
And I feel really proud. I think that I have been able to highlight the main elements of my printed digital design with the surface treatment. I initially had a huge fear at all to edit the finished printed fabric with embroidery. I was afraid to spoil the great fabric printing with any hand or machine embroidery.

And now, step by step: after I had solved the problem with the bumps and my hand embroidery was completed, I fixed my work on a background. This is my digital design. I used the same scanned documents from chapter eight and let it print on cotton poplin by 

picture 4
Me pinning the stitched top  on the background fabric

picture 5

                                                                the background fabric
I decided further to work my wallhanging like a quilt and I mad a sandwhich with the top, Thermolan and a cotton backing. For the hanging of the wall hanging I sewed a 8cm wide tunnel. For the hangin to the wall , I put a thin copper pipe.with  a very thin nylon fishing line, which I put  through the pipe.
picture 6
                                           last hand stitching

picture 7
                            ...and then machine quilting

picture 8
 a detail of hándstitching with yarns of different thickness. Couching, buttonhole,cretan stitch , padding with felted buttons, so mostly embroidery stitches that cause a raised surface

picture 9
Also stitchery which mad a raised surface like boullionknots,french knots, several layers of raised chain bands

picture 10
A detail with stippling, feathers quilting , pintucks and seadstitches

picture 11
Pintucks and meander quilting in the background

picture 12
 One part was filled with open buttonholes and thorned cheesecloth

picture 13
 my favorite technique: The combination of machine quilting and hand stitching

picture 14

A closed up of a wunderfull hand dyed bourette silk yarn, which I used in the wallhanging part which stands for my positive feelings


Lin said...

Absolutely stunning! Yours colours are wonderful and the stitchery is beautiful. Congratulations on an amazing piece of work.

pascale said...

Ganz tolle Arbeit, Maren. Ich liebe die Farben und die vielen Details

Kit Lang said...

This piece of work is stunning! Thank you for sharing your process.

Catherine said...

Maren, what wonderful work. I love the rich intensity of it. Your blog cleverly shows the story of the piece from the first idea. The screenprinting, dyeing and stitching combine wonderfully well to express your idea.

Barb Cady said...

I came to you via Laura's blog and am so glad I did, beautiful work, congratulations.

Kathi said...

I, too, love handwork and digitally printed images. I am inspired by your work. Very nice!