Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Evaluation The crumbling of livelihood

That is my theme for my wallhanging:

This in consequence of global warming by rising CO2 emissions as a result of the sell of natural resources for economic reasons .I want to fix my fears and anxieties on the example Iceland I thought about my impressions of the disillusionment that attacked me at our second walking tour on Iceland. I had the impression that Iceland should be sold .


The form for my feelings of despair and depressed was the starting point for my digital design


The downward radiation represent the negative feelings. But I do not see anything black on black. I want to create in my work also positive moments. I can present this with the same shape, if I turn it around 180 degrees. The rays are now upward. I see in this new form a struggle of responsibility against exploitation. My color choice express the hope of favorable prospects and has been represented by my used coloured paper . All subsequent design work for my asessment based on this form. They also form the framework for the surface design. I emphasized the head-shaped poles with highly raised embroidery and I emphasize the wedging up and down directed beams with pin tucking stitching.

image  image


yes,I feel really proud. I think that I have been able to highlight the main elements of my printed digital design with the surface treatment. I initially had a huge fear at all to edit the finished printed fabric with embroidery. I was afraid to spoil the great fabric printing with any hand or machine embroidery.

In the case of the a following  large-scale embroidery with shirred fabric manipulations, I would  work this on a separate piece of fabric and then applied to the larger area. Such a procedure would prevent the horrible bumps.

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