Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Date when the design work was started: :28.12.2012
completed: 30.01.2013
Date when the embroidery  started:10.02.2013
Completed. 21.05.2013
Total numbers of hours spent working on the design work: 70 hours
the embroidery work :28 hours
Costing fabrics :ca 40 euro
Batting : ca 5  euro
Embrodery yarns . 20 Euro

Storage of Work, Materials, Tools and Equipment
The design work in process: Ikea storage boxes labeled by their contents The completed design work: The same boxes also labeled by their contents The colored papers are in a ring binder and all papers are scanned
Inks, paints, glues and brushes are stored in several chests of drawers. Embroidery yarn are sorted by colours in plastic boxes also the beads and the material for embellishments like tyvek and silk roads The fabrics are sorted by colour in my cupboard in my studio The sewing machine is in my studio on the sewing table
The electrical equipment like iron and iron table are stored in my shelving system.

Health and Safety Rules Observed

Use care when cutting with a utility knife – use a cutting board to ensure your work does not slip
Use the heat gun and paints only with opened window Take a rest after several hours of stitching or sewing
No pins in the mouth Do not rub your eyes with paint on your hands

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