Sunday, 20 January 2013

ein neues Kissen - a new pillow

Bei meiner Recherche nach Bildern mit Kreisen, Ringen, Kringeln stieß ich auf Bilder von “Recycled Circles “ , entworfen von Jane La Fazio. Mein Interesse war geweckt und ich bestellte mir die DVD. Diese Ringe sind eine tolle Möglichkeit der Stoffresteverarbeitung . Und ich konnte  wunderbar einmal die Vielfalt der Zierstiche meiner Nähmachine ausprobieren. Aus der Musterprobe habe ich ein Kissen genäht. Denn…. Kissen kann ich nicht genug haben.

During my research for pictures with circles, rings, donuts, I came across pictures of "Recycled Circles", designed by Jane La Fazio. My interest was piqued and I ordered the DVD. These rings are a great way of processing fabric scraps. And I could even try the wonderful variety of decorative stitches of my sewing machine. From the pattern block, I sewed a pillow. Because .... Pillow I can not have enough


Sunday, 6 January 2013

chapter nine and ten

Chapter nine and ten
I'll edit the tasks of these two chapters together because they form a unit for me. In working out the
design, I had determined that it made sense for me to work through a detailed task after another
meticulously after many false starts and digressions. I had a too tight prefabricated image in mind, as
I had shown in the previous chapter in the collage.
The main task of these chapter is the design development with forms of the previous chapter with
colored paper that should have different textures and transparencies

picture 1

Painted tissue paper with two different brusho colors and gesso blobs, folded over and carefully unfolded again and let dry. Then, a frottage over thin wire with oil paint sticks

picture 2

1 different colors of Brusho were applied on crushed parchment paper with a thick brush, so only a little white paper surface remained. For drying the crumpled paper was unfolded carefully. . After drying, a little ironing, then a frottage had been placed with crayons over a teaspoon . 2 Frottage on a tissue paper over a stamp of packet strings with a wax candle, paint with two different colors of Brusho. 3. Frottage on a tissue paper over a linocut stamp with oil paint sticks. 4+5 also frottages 6. Crumpled tissue paper painted with PVA glue. After drying painted with crayons and glued on watercolor paper.7. kitchen foil painted with glue and when dry with brusho. The picture was taken in front of a window to get a transparency effect. 8. Kitchen paper was painted with brusho and  then stamped with a folded cartridge paper. 9. the same background but stamped with a sponge. 10. A stamped and painted textile wallpaper. 11. The background: different spray paints. After drying, ironing on this stencil from freezer paper. and sprayed with different colors. The Motif are the outlines of my drawing of a flying puffin. 12. From a repeatedly folded paper the pattern of a bird's feather was cut. I received a template with a lace pattern for the color spray work

picture 3

I played with stamps from  forms of the previous chapter and my painted papers to develop different designs for my assessment
picture 4
picture 5

picture 6

When considering of that draft after a few days the lack  of a focus bothered. The viewer's eye wanders aimlessly across the picture surface
picture 7

picture 8 

 The developing pattern with the combination of these papers I prefer than the previous design. The contrast is given and I have a textured surface. This is especially true for the result in the second row

picture 9

The more I played with my papers and the forms after cut out my selected templatethe the more I was unhappy and indecisive. The enforced break due to the Christmas holidays, New Year's and the house full of visiting , this time managed a sufficient distance for a fresh start with a different form from the 8.Kapitel. The result(4) convinced me right away.

I had chosen the form primarily for the terms: hopeless, discouraged, depressed, resigned, devastated . The downward radiation represent the negative feelings. I do not see anything black on black. I want to create in my work also positive moments. I can present this with the same shape, if I turn it  around 180 degrees. The rays are now upward. I see in this new form a struggle of responsibility against exploitation. My color choice express the hope of favorable prospects. 

picture 11
This could be  one  way to make the indicate round shapes, as reversappliqué with machine embroidery.

picture 12
I will make the wall hanging in two layers with a very transparent top layer of thin Lutradur , very thin polyesther chiffon or silk organza. I will embroider the outline of the Puffin head and possibly the rays of the forms on that . The latter, however, I will only decide when I work on the whole cloth.

picture 13
A third option would be to work the forms as an application with embroidery on transparent backgroundAnother option for me is the opportunity to work the compact lower part of the wall hanging from  cotton satin. And then to transfer the print of my design  to the cloth with an acrylic medium and to emphasize important details using a combination of machine and hand embroidery.