Saturday, 16 February 2013

Module six chapter 11

after I received Siâns comment with her suggestions for further design development, I have conducted new  studies on the forms and patterned paper with Photoshop. A blessing that there is Photoshop. So I can make a detailed picture of my ideas. I then complied her  task and have printed the image in DINA4 sections andI have form together these sections to  a complete picture. This overall impression had convinced myself.  I wanted to have it as a textile image in the same way .I made my first design steps with embroidery and fabric manipulation with very transparent chiffon on a DINA4 fabric printing   I became increasingly certain that I wanted to work my design with embroidery and layering as a textile image into a whole cloth. I placed the order to Laura Kemshall's Fingerprint. A few days ago I received my photo print. I am thrilled with the result. You should have seen me, how I'm hopping around my home with the printed fabric in the arm.
Now I started sending   a few pictures with my first embroidery and quiltings

picture 1
w5 picture 2
I will work the pintuck on the stylized wings, as I have already begun
DSC_0007picture 3
Part of the head, I covered with pleated organza, quilted and then processed with a heat gun. With the result of the texture I am very satisfied.
w2picture 4
The lower orange head I will confer texture with dyed embroidery and ruffled gauze. The pictures shows a starting point of my manipulations. The background I will quilting sead stitches. That's so far my working concept.
w3picture 5