Friday, 8 March 2013

My proceed

I want to connect my interim report about the progress of my work on the wall hanging with a few questions to my readers and fellow students. I worked directly the machine embroidery with the pintuck foot on the wall hanging . It is sandwiched with a cotton fleece. Where the piping stop there the fabric become folded. I have to gather the more of this by quilting or embroidery. I had tried to reduce the pleads below the tucks with an open chain stitch in the area shown.

picture 1
picture 2
I don't like the result. Another option would be to stitch close running stitches parallel to the black concave marks.

picture 3 without drawed marks
picture 4 with drawing marks
I think, that you can see my drawn marks only, if you would zoom the spezial part of the picture
How would you manage the resulting fabric foldes to prevent a bulging of the quilt?
A friend, a textile artist, considered it necessary to form distances by the embroidery and quilting, coarse stitches at the bottom of the image and fine thin stitches and quilting lines in the upper portion of the image to simulate distance. I am now confused. ?

picturen 5
Should I overstitching the small seeds with a coarser embroidery stitches
picture 6
I want to emphasize just the eye area from the shadowy puffin with trellis stitches.